Hey, I'm Aaron

A web developer and designer from Wales.


For my own sake, and that of anyone stumbling across this page
(why are you googling me or otherwise, hi Mum!)
I will layout my intentions here on the landing page. This can then serve neatly as the first post/note.


My initial intention was for this site to act as a simple portfolio, however after discovery of the concept of the digital garden, and learning in public, I decided to take a different approach.
The aim here is to create a space where I can think out loud, learn in public, and share, document and develop ideas. This will hopefully have the additional effect of creating order in chaos.


I chose Astro simply because of its suitability towards building a static site, as well as to practice working with new (to me) tech. However as the aim of this site shifted towards the heralded garden, I quickly realised this decision was a very happy accident.
I am excited to leverage Astro's potential in content collection, as well as working more directly with HTML and exploring the possibilities of MD/MDX.


First I want to figure a structure for the site. There are quite a few interesting directions; maybe the next addition could be a collation and discussion of the different avenues. Garden vs Stream, Stock vs Flow, Wiki vs Blog. What are the nuances, and what structure would suit best?

I think the most important factor is that it be free-form, so that making additions is inviting and non-stressful.